About tandlægen.dk

Tandlægen.dk wants to be known as the most professional Danish dental chain that offers patients modern and up-to-date treatments based on the newest technology and the best treatment methods.

Dentist Niels Madsen had a dream of being part of a larger community of dentists that could join forces in elevating professionalism, ensuring development possibilities, and implementing the newest technology.

In 2015, he took the first step towards fulfilling his dream by initiating contact with potential investors.

At the beginning of 2016, Niels Madsen’s clinic became the chain’s first tandlægen.dk clinic, and from that point on, the business took off. From 2016 to 2017, we acquired around eighty dental clinics. From 2018 to 2019, we conducted mergers, reconstructions, and expansions that led to our current 47 clinics and more than 800 employees across the country, making us the largest dental chain of Denmark.

Each clinic is managed by a responsible clinic owner who guarantees the clinic’s professionalism and patient safety.

One of our focus areas is education. We offer all our employees a wide range of courses and training opportunities so that our patients can benefit from the latest knowledge and expertise.

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Mission, vision and values

All tandlægen.dk clinics share a common mission, vision, and set of values.

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Do you want to join?

Become part of tandlægen.dk

If you want to be part of a larger professional community, if you dream of helping to build and run a large clinic, or if you want to ensure a safe generational transition, then tandlægen.dk might be something for you.