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We work focused with education and career possibilities for dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and administrative staff. At tandlægen.dk it is our mission to attract and maintain the best employees of the industry. In order to achieve this mission, we need to have something special to offer.

We organise joint community days, where all employees in the chain are invited to joint training within different thematic areas. These days establish a common scientific reference for all the employees across the clinics in the chain.

We have developed internal training programs which can ensure you a good career in the chain and in the dental industry in general.

Educational programs

Newly qualified dentists

When you have just qualified as a dentist, specialisation and development of competences are not the first thing on your mind. But if you get employed in one of tandlægen.dk’s clinics, we will invite you to join a network for the newly qualified. The network will focus on knowledge sharing, and we will also offer you a set of courses which will be a relevant supplement to your practical experience in the clinic.

At several of the clinics within the chain, we undertake municipal dental care of children and adolescents, which enable you to gather experience in this field within the chain.


Dental hygienists – ready for the future

We employ well over 125 dental hygienists in the chain. This enable us to establish our own internal education programs targeted dental hygienists, just as we have established internal regional network for dental hygienists.

Employment as a dental hygienist at tandlægen.dk gives you an opportunity to work focused towards a boost of your competences, if that is the direction you wish your employment to go.

tandlægen.dk bootcamp 2018 for newly qualified dentists

Deputy Managers and administrative staff

Many of the clinics within tandlægen.dk have a size for which it makes sense to employ a Deputy Manager at the clinic to handle the day to day  management of the clinic.

Deputy Managers can be dental nurses who have been through a special education or it can be persons with another professional background, e.g. with a clerical background.

Dental Nurses – an invaluable resource in the chain’s daily life

Dentists and dental hygienists can only provide the best patient experience and treatment. if they have a competent and committed dental nurse by their side.

At tandlægen.dk we fully recognise the important role that dental nurses are playing every day in the clinics and we focus on the professional development of the dental nurses.


Room for specialisation 

Some dentists want to specialise in a particular field. At tandlægen.dk we support specialisation, since it improves our professionalism and the quality of our treatments.

Through our regional network it is possible to learn from others within the same speciality, and you can get inspiration for further training.

”Next in line” program

Several of the clinics in the chain will face a generational  succession within the next two to five yars. We have, therefore, developed internal training programmes – “Next in Line” – that prepare prospective clinic owners to lead and manage a clinic and carry out the professional responsibilities.


Community day 2018

Learn more about your possibilities at tandlægen.dk 

You are more than welcome to contact our HR-department if you would like to learn more about the possibilities of getting a job in tandlaegen.dk.