Mission, vision & values

Our vision is to create the most professional dental chain, which ensures the Danish population the best dental health among the Nordic countries. We will achieve this through our mission, to:

  • Prevent and treat, in order to secure that as many Danes as possible visit their dentist regularly and get the specific treatment which will ensure the best dental and general health – no more, no less.
  • Provide care, by ensuring the best and most comfortable patient experience in our clinics, and by making a special effort to improve dental health in vulnerable groups.
  • Lead the industry through education, new technologies and bring increased transparency on quality standards in dental care.
  • Attract and retain the industry’s best employees by offering development, professional network, a good working environment and the possibility of dental specialisation.

Our daily work is based on our four values.

We strive to remain:

Professional: Based on the foremost knowledge and methods, we act with high integrity and carefulness in the treatment of our patients. Our goal is to give all patients the treatment, or offer of prevention, that will ensure both the best dental health as well as overall health. In our professional networks and our professional council, we will share knowledge and develop professional standards which, together with the relevant development of skills, will ensure every individual the best possible treatment and dental care.

Caring: We care for our patients and towards each other at all levels. We will ensure the best and most comfortable experience for our patients in our clinics, and that each patient’s needs are considered as far as possible. As a part of our vision to promote dental health in Denmark, we will take social responsibility and make an extra effort for vulnerable groups.

Collaborative: Together we take responsibility for our patients, each other and ourselves. Across the chain, we take responsibility for each other’s learning and stand together to create the most professional chain of dental clinics. We have an open and honest approach and a clear goal to attract and retain the industry’s best employees, achieved through a collaborative and team-based organisation, driven by enthusiasm, with room for differences and initiatives, innovation and personal development.

Engaged: We strive to make a difference and set the bar at a higher level. We have the courage to challenge the existing in order to reach our goal to be the qualitative best dental chain and give the right treatment and care to all our patients even if it takes persistence and an extraordinary effort. We will take leadership in the industry and work for transparency in respect of quality standards and through this give the Danes the best dental health in the Nordic.

We want to achieve the best dental health for all Danes